Women’s Empowerment Group Topics


This session will be introductions of all members.  The therapist will share her professional and personal background.  Ground Rules will be established.

Getting to Know You

Continuing to get to know one another through sharing and activities.  

Are You Real or Are You Pretending

This group will discuss how we walk through our lives, as our true selves or false selves?  

I Feel What I Feel

Discussion about whether your feelings are validated.  Do you know how to identify your feelings?  Are you able to manage your feelings?  Are you trusting with your feelings? 

The Women Our Fathers and Mothers Make Us

Discussion and activities that take you back to your childhood, with a focus on the role(s) your fathers and mothers played or did not play, and how it has impacted your present life.

Once a Parent Not Always a Parent_Once a Mother Always a Mother

Learning your own parenting style and how it effects the ability to parent your children and impacts how you are able or unable to re-parent yourself.  How do we express who we are outside of Motherhood? Non-parents will be surprised how much this particular module can be impactful.

What’s Right For You is Not Necessarily What’s Right for Me

Discussion about how to own who you are. Learning to get away from envy, jealousy, and hope and move towards appropriate modeling, self motivation, and understanding your desires. Learn to go after those desires.

Giving Others Permission To Love Me/Giving Myself Permission To Be Loved

What does it look like to allow others to love you? Discovering you are lovable and you have a right and a responsibility to love yourself first and foremost.  

Getting Unstuck

Understanding how negative self talk keeps you stuck.  

The Vision I Have Moving Forward

Developing a plan and making a commitment to a plan designed to enhance your future.

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