Women’s Empowerment Group


A Group Just for Women Like Us

Why Should I attend this group: This dynamic group will be filled with diverse women from many different walks of life.  Group therapy is often more transforming than individual therapy and less expensive in the long run; it also can be a great supplement to individual therapy.  

As human beings we require other human beings to survive, grow, and be happy.   This group will allow you to connect to others who may be like-minded or different-minded while addressing those issues that plague you the most. It is truly a transforming and empowering service. This is not a support group. This is a process group which is therapy in a group format.

There will be 10 therapeutic group sessions in total; a licensed therapist will facilitate the group, engage you in meaningful conversation and transformation; it is held in a safe secure space to share and engage. A light snack will be provided each group.

Who might benefit from this type of group:  Persons who identify as women suffering with generalized anxiety, relationship problems, self-esteem, loneliness, shyness, social anxiety, hopelessness, those who need stress relief, professionals who have compassion fatigue, and other women who are bombarded with the everyday stresses of life will benefit from this group.  

When can I sign up: this is a closed group, so you have to get in on the beginning. This group runs twice a year. September through December AND January through March.

Best times to contact: July through August <OR> November through December.

 You must meet the therapist, Rosemarie Reid, prior to attending group. Call (215) 268-6056 or e-mail:  formetalktherapy@gmail.com to set up an appointment. CONSULTATIONS FOR THIS GROUP ARE FREE!

Fees: The cost of this group is $45 per session. There are discounts for returning clients, current clients and those who pay for all TEN sessions at one time. A consultation is required for new comers. The cost of your consultation will go towards your first group. This group can be repeated as often as you like; as you will learn something new each time.

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