Anger Management Group

Some anger management participants require a more rigorous approach to anger management. Anger Management Professional Services include various clinical and evidence-based mental health approaches by an Anger Management Specialist-II who is NAMA certified to work with complex anger management issues. Anger management professional services are not traditional psychotherapy or group counseling—rather it is a complex combination of insights from various psychological traditions that require additional training in anger management skills, concepts, and techniques.

Who might benefit from this type of group:  persons who are mandated through their jobs, courts, or some other mandate.  Adolescents at least 16 years old and adults of all ages, sex, or gender. 

If you have a child or adult who does not fit the criteria above or you desire a one on one approach the therapist can still assist you with your anger.  Just call and consult with the therapist prior to attending individual or group sessions.

Consults are necessary to determine if Anger Management is the right intervention to address your needs.

Call (215) 268-6056 or e-mail: to set up an appointment. 

Group Price includes: 11 therapeutic group sessions, a licensed therapist who will facilitate the group, NAMA based curriculum, a certificate of completion, with the NAMA seal, after attending and fully participating in all 11 weeks of the program.  See Anger Management Declaration.

Frequently Asked Questions