Individual Therapy

This is for individuals who are looking for someone to hear their pain, alleviate anxieties, and reduce negative symptoms without feeling like they are being judged.  

Are you looking for someone who can identify with the daily issues you face in life? Coming to For Me Talk Therapy, LLC can be the first step to alleviating those symptoms that keep you stuck.  Meet one on one with the therapist in a private safe confidential space.

Family Therapy

A family is a simbiotic relationship among its members.  Behavior problems of children are usually a symptom  that the family system has broken down in some way. 

 When all members participate in therapy the system can change more quickly.  This therapy is usually identified  for families where children have identified symptomatic behaviors indicating an imbalance in the family.


Anger Management

AM membership card

This therapy is offered specifically for individuals who have been mandated to do anger management. Anger is often a result of hurt, fear, pain, trauma, or learned behavior.  You will learn to understand your anger, your triggers, how to manage your anger, and most importantly how to accept the things you can not control. The therapist is a Certified Anger Management Specialist II through the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). Individuals will get a certificate upon successful completion of 10 modules of the program. 

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Earn your certificate today.

Co-Parenting Therapy

Many people whether they are in a romantic relationship or they have severed their romantic relationship are trying to find a productive, non-combative, way of communicating for the benefit of raising their children.  Often parents are trying to alleviate the stress from their children and minimize the negative affects of what separate parenting can sometimes bring. 


Workshops/Trainings/Speaking Engagements

Some specialty topics are: Overcoming Fear, Embracing Change, general mental health education, ADHD and Black Children, The Cycle of Trauma on the Black Family.




Groups are often a dynamic way of addressing a multitude of problems.  Groups can give you an opportunity to let you know you are not alone in your struggles.  You often get more out of group then one one one therapy.  Those who suffer from anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, relationship problems and anger can benefit from group therapy.