Consultations are for those who are not sure what type of therapy they desire. Sometimes you may desire long term therapy but really you are in crisis or you may feel conflicted between anger management and traditional therapy. You may not be sure if your whole family should be in therapy versus one member of the family being in therapy. When you are conflicted in this way a consult with the therapist can assist you with determining what type of therapy might best suit you and your family. Some services, such as group and anger management require starting with a consultation. A consult can also determine if this is the therapist who will best suit your needs. A consult is particularly useful when you desire long term therapy.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is used when there is a family crisis or disturbance in the family which keeps the family from operating in the most optimal way or in a way which the family is accustomed to operating. Family Therapy also helps address relationship issues between couples. Family Therapy includes a couple or all household members and when necessary it may include members outside the household who may have a great impact on how the family is operating. The goal of family therapy is to get the family back to a place of homeostasis, a place of familiarity, or stability.


Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma Informed Therapy seeks to support the client by understanding how trauma impacts the individual physiologically, emotionally, and behaviorally.  Trauma therapy assists the client with creating a positive narrative to combat the negative messages one may feed themselves. Trauma Informed Therapy is for the client who suffered trauma in their past or more recently.  Trauma is defined very broadly. If you belief you or your loved one has suffered trauma then the trauma is based on your personal definition. This type of therapy is usually a long term therapeutic approach to address problems that have deeply impacted the client in their social, work, and intimate/familial relationships; therefore, being able to define a specific trauma is not necessary. Typically, the client desires long term therapeutic support to address on-going emotional distress. Many clients who choose this form of therapy may suffer from long term depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, anger, mania, bi-polar, on-going relationship problems or isolation.

Anger Management

Anger Management is an intervention designed to approach anger from evidence-based and clinically proven practices.  This intervention is designed specifically for individuals who self identify and/or are mandated to attend anger management therapy.  The therapy incorporates, psycho-educational material, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) and other eclectic interventions. Anger Management certification is available for those who complete all 10 modules of the curriculum.  This certification is accepted by all Philadelphia and surrounding counties’ court systems. Anger Management is facilitated by a National Anger Management Association (NAMA) certified therapist.  If you are not interested in certification then you may attend as many modules as you may like.  This intervention is available for individuals or groups.

Solution Focused Therapy

This therapy is ideal for clients who want to lead their therapeutic process. This type of therapy is usually brief but can also be long term based on the desires of the client. Solution Focused Therapy can be idea for a crisis situation, a recent decline in emotional status or for those who want to attend therapy intermittently to help resolve issues as they arise. This is a very interactive process between therapist and client.


Court Ordered Services

Often clients are court ordered to do individual, family, co-parenting, or anger management therapy. The therapist is experienced, licensed, and has advanced certifications to meet the needs of these court ordered services. The therapist will share with the courts only what is necessary to share. Individuals who complete any mandated service will receive a letter or certification of completion. Individuals who complete co-parenting therapy will receive a parenting plan, which will be respected by the Philadelphia and surrounding counties’ court systems.


 Please call for cost of service. The cost is determined by the type of therapy you require, which may require a face to face consultation. For Me Talk Therapy, LLC services are meant to be affordable yet thrive to have the highest quality service available.  FMTT does not accept insurances.  If you are looking for a high quality private therapist then FMTT will try to work with all individuals.

 Phone consultations under ten minutes are free.