Communication is at the heart of building great lasting relationships

Communication is at the heart of building great lasting relationships


Communication Group

Do you find yourself in verbal sparring matches, sending numerous emails back and forth, not being able or rarely able to get your needs met sufficiently? Learning to communicate effectively is at the heart of building great relationships; whether it be an intimate relationship, a working relationship, friendships, or just being able to get your point across effectively at a meeting, as a customer service rep, or in a dispute. This communication group will force you to recognize things about yourself you may not have realized, it will force you to learn new methods of communicating and you will also learn how others communicate.

Who might benefit from this type of group: Anyone who finds communicating a consistent problem in their life or anyone who wants to learn more about communicating in general or anyone who feels communication is a problem in their relationships.

When does this group meet: This group follows our Women’s Empowerment Group. Many of the women who finish the women’s empowerment group flow right into our communication group; that being said, we often don’t have many spots available for this sought after group. If you are interested in this group please reach out to let the therapist asap. You might have to wait for it; but, it will be well worth the wait. This group is also open to men and other genders.

This group meets weekly or bi-weekly, based on therapist’s discretion. It is only five sessions long, so ideal for those who don’t want to make long therapeutic commitments.

Fees: The cost of this group is $45 per session. There are discounts for returning clients and current clients and those who pay for all FIVE sessions at one time. A consultation is required for new comers. The cost of your consultation will go towards your first group. This group can be repeated as often as you like; as you will learn something new each time.

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