What Made Me Decide to Become a Therapist?


Well, I always thought I had a gift to talk to people or a gift that many people wanted to talk to me about very personal deep things. I have always for many years now been in the helping profession. However, the final thing that made me absolutely sure that I wanted to pursue becoming a therapist was that one day I had a need for a therapist myself.

I called my employee assistance program that gives you 8 free sessions. I asked if they had any African American therapists in the city and I was told no. So, I settled for the most conveniently located therapist they had. This therapist was middle aged white woman. She asked me several times if I lived in a safe neighborhood and each time I told her “yes”. I did not move forward with this therapist because I felt she already had a preconceived notion about Black people in America or Black people in Philadelphia (we all live in bad neighborhoods), either way I wasn’t willing to be the one to educate her. I never really received the help I wanted; however, my issues resolved without the assistance of a therapist overtime. That one interaction made me think there must be many other Black people like myself who want to utilize therapy services with Black Therapist. Hence, For Me Talk Therapy, LLC was born. Today, I feel like things have come full circle because I was called today to be an EAP provider and I accepted. Thank you, God.