Anger Management Declaration

Court Ordered Anger Management is a mix of required educational material and therapeutic interventions.  Court ordered Anger Management courses are a minimum  of 10 weeks of materials to make sure all anger management materials are covered efficiently. Your consultation does not count as a week of educational material.  

The material is meant to flow in a consistent manner and build upon itself without long absences in between; therefore, if you are absent for more than 4 weeks you may be asked to repeat some of the course material which will set you back a session or two.  In addition, the therapist cannot guarantee a slot when there are long absences; unless, the reasons have been discussed with the therapist and she is in agreement with holding your slot. 

If  you have a court hearing while we are still in the process of your sessions then you can either ask for a continuance or you must go to court and I will provide you with a short letter that will indicate how many classes you have attended and how many sessions you have left before completing the program.

You must complete all sessions before a certificate of completion is given.  Also, you must actively participate; showing up is not enough.  You will be required to do homework and participate in each session.  If the therapist feels you are not actively participating she will bring it to your attention and we will discuss options.  One option could be that you will not be able to continue sessions unless you are willing to repeat course material, again this could set you back a week or two.

By signing this document you agree to show up to all sessions on time and with the intent to fully participate even when participation is difficult.

The therapist promises to make sure that you are getting the best experience you can. Some of the material will be fun and engaging; however, change is often difficult and cannot be done without first wanting change to happen.  Being court ordered does not automatically make someone want to change.

At the end of your required sessions you will be have the option to continue to do individual therapy sessions.  The therapist will recommend follow up treatment if necessary. A recommendation for follow-up treatment will not prohibit you from getting a certificate of completion in the course.