There is something powerful about getting together with other women.

You are not alone...

Group Therapy-coming soon!

Women Empowerment Group

This dynamic group will be filled with diverse women from many different walks of life.  Group therapy is often more transforming than individual therapy and less expensive in the long run.  

Who might benefit from this type of group:  persons who identify as women suffering with generalized anxiety, relationship problems, self-esteem, loneliness, shyness, social anxiety, hopelessness, those who need stress relief, professionals who have compassion fatigue, and other women who are bombarded with the everyday stresses of life.  

 You must meet the therapist, Rosemarie Reid, prior to attending group. Call (267) 388-4909 or e-mail:  formetalktherapy@gmail.com to set up an appointment. 

Price includes: 12 therapeutic group sessions, a licensed therapist who will facilitate the group, engage you in meaningful conversation and transformation, provide a safe space to share and engage; also, allow and encourage you to connect to other like-minded individuals while addressing those issues that plague you the most.  Light snacks will be provided each group and the location will be safe and secure. 

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